When should one select an engagement ring? One may pick a new ring or may have an heirloom he feels satisfied their partner will adore. One should make sure of the size of the ring, however, and have a good idea of their partners taste and preference.

Customarily the engagement and marriage rings are selected sometime after the proposal, and the partners should accompany each other in choosing the most appropriate ring. The younger couples nowadays frankly debate on the amount of cash they should spend for the rings. The wedding ring is mentioned here since it is regularly bought with the engagement ring. Just in case he prefers they may visit a jeweler and organize to having only those rings displayed which are within their budget.

There are instances whereby the bride wishes to give their fiance an engagement ring. In case she decides to do so, it is paramount that she ponders regarding a ring appropriate for the man. It should not be too light a type but should be pure gold or gold sealed ring. Birthstones are valued as a good taste for a man’s ring. Not only in a case where the lady is sure of the taste of her man’s ring, should the woman consider taking the man for the selection of the ring.

What is perfect for an engagement ring? It may be a traditional diamond, huge or tiny and in any selected setting, according to the ladies preference and the man’s financial position. One stone, huge or small, a cluster or little stones, a huge stone covered by diamonds -the selection is a differed as individual taste and need to follow no tradition. There are cases of even costume jewellery being accepted for engagement rings.

Anybody who is not a specialist in precious stones needs reasonable professional assistance when choosing a gem and more so a diamond. The most satisfactory and cost effective procedure is to look for the advice from a reputable jeweler. Diamonds which occur the same regarding sizes and the entire presence constantly vary in price, a factual baffling to the learner.

Size only cannot determine the worth of a diamond, cut, clarity and karat weight are the average on which the cost of the diamonds is based. Further to confuse the inexperienced buyer, a karat which is the unit of determining the weight of the ring is divided into 100 units.


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